About Me

I’m a web designer who has recently graduated from university. I’m intrested in technology, the internet and making music.

About The Web Design

I have been interested in web design area since I was first shown how to code a HTML webpage in school at the age of 12. Since then I continued to expand my web-design skills in my spare time. Whilst at college I gained more of an interest in computer hardware and networking but still continued to expand my web-design skills in parallel.When starting at Solent University I was originally enrolled on a computer systems course but due to enjoying the design based units of the 1st year more I decided that a switch to the web design pathway would be the best choice. Here I learnt web design skills such as Flash, XHTML and CSS, as well as the use of graphics applications such as Photoshop. I also gained a wide range of web development skills from the course from technologies such as PHP and SQL to more emerging techniques for example XML, AJAX and JSON.

Since then I have focused on developing my web design skills, looking deeply into technologies such as XHTML and CSS as well as more theoretical topics like semantics and web standards.

About The Music

So as well as web design I also like making music. I started playing guitar at the age of 15 and decided to teach myself due to not particularly enjoying having keyboard lessons previously. Shortly after learning the basics I started writing and recording my own songs.  This involved teaching myself basic knowledge of multi-track recording software. After a 3 year writing time and 1 year production time I finally released Before The Storm over the internet using a creative commons licence. Recently I’ve been playing around with Nine Inch Nails remixes as well as recording some acoustic songs.